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Winkler County Library

Library Statement and Disclaimer

To the many people who graciously loaned us their annuals so we could scan them and include them in this collection, we are very grateful and thank you.

We apologize if there is a year missing that you wish to see, but as of this time we have not been able to locate a copy of this annual.  If one of our patrons has a copy of any of any of the missing annuals, we would be pleased if you would loan it to us to scan and return it to you as soon as possible.

We also apologize if there are any derogatory or offensive remarks made in the annuals or any pictures have been defaced.  We are at the mercy of the owners of the annuals and have tried to cover or hide any of these flaws whenever possible.  If you have a clean copy of an annual that would correct these flaws, we would be grateful to borrow it to correct these pages.

We hope you enjoy your visit to these pages and again, thanks to all who have helped us toward the completion of this project!

                                                                 Winkler County Library - Kermit Staff